24 November 2014

Pink Silk Jersey V1610

This silk jersey...meeeowwww! This is one of my favourite purchases from Mood Fabrics in LA from this March. The colours are so vibrant and the feel...well it's silk folks oft times you'd find me hiding in the corner slowly rubbing this fabric against my check. What I can't help it - beautiful fabrics bring the creep out of me. but meow fabric meow.
Now silk jersey isn't cheap. Nope, it is not. And this baby set me back $28/yard. So being as Cheap as possible while still purchasing enough for a dress I scooped up 2 yards. I am fairly set that if I need to I can fit any dress out of 2 yards of fabric - yay for being short and requiring only 17 inches from waist to my preferred length.
So back to the dress....this dress is mainly due to Lauren over at Lladybird.com. This pattern was found through her blog where she has created 3 beautiful versions of it. I had been looking for a fully classic wrap dress and simply couldn't find a pattern, until I saw the posts with V1610 - the most perfect simple and classic wrap dress. I needed it in my life. I scoured eBay waiting for a deal to come along....and count my lucky stars cause gosh darn I scored this baby for $9 at 3am!!! when I mean to find an eBay deal ....I'm devoted!

Now, with this silk jersey costing more than all the fabric used to make all the dresses I've made this far combined, I knew I couldn't cut in to it without testing the pattern first. I've never been able to fit wrap dresses without showing ample boobage....and I am the turtle neck queen....so you can guess how unimpressed I am by the idea of boobage on display. I had to make sure this pattern would cover up the ladies without looking frumpy. Demands demands demands. My test dress worked out wonderfully and I wear it constantly (next post). So it was time to cut cut cut cut my silk jersey and beg the sewing gods not to let me screw this up. "Do not ruin this fabric dear sewing gods. It's my precious"

Well Said sewing gods heard my whines because I think it turned out rather snazzy. It's longer than it should be but I feel very cocoony while wearing this length so I kept it; robe-esque if you will - finding my inner comfortable Greek silky goddess? I can go on....the length does up the frump factor but the wrap and the fabric help counter this.

just let me strut a few more paces for you.... work it! Work it! 
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