12 March 2014

Review: Burda Style April 2014

Let me start with saying WOW! The April issue is my FAVOURITE Burda magazine I have ever read! Page after Page, Pattern after Pattern I was blown away at how amazing this months issue was! Just stunning!

So lets start looking at all the photos right?!?!?

This shirt? Incredible. I was JUST looking at this style in the store the other day and contemplating how I could re-create it myself. Well - Burda heard my thoughts and replicated it just in time for me. Also, these capri pants look great. I have a RTW pair currently that I love but that have seen better days - hopefully this pattern will enable me to recreate them? Hopefully without TOO many fit adjustments as I've never tackled pants before?

These style lines! LOVELY! Everything about this dress is beautiful. I love the crisp white, the boatneck, the triangular princess bodice, the double skirt with pockets. Such a classic look. This will be my first make out of this issue for certain.

Now, There is something SO easy about this pattern. I prefer the dress version to the shirt version, but I LOVE the draping involved. I hope that it would sit flat and now simply billow out in front, but on the model it looks so elegant (left). This entire photoshoot is SO well done.

Turtle necks pull at my heart strings. I LOVE this dress. The asymmetrical sleeves are such a nice touch to take a simple shape in to a unique one. Make this out of a nice jersey print and you have a staple every day dress! Atleast for my style! Now lets start on this skirt. RIGHT?!?!? The panels, high waist, and in seam pockets. And it doesn't hurt that the fabric choice (right) is a perfect match for the skirt. 

Immediately upon seeing this pattern I thought of Papercut Patterns Pleated Pant. They are classic but unique. They would help add a special touch to all my turtle necks. Make them out of a black suiting and you have some stylish work pants! Also, Burda is great at jackets and this one is lovely. I love the large front flaps of the coat and the models jacket is very cute with the jeweled clasp. 

I want to be the kind of girl that can wear jumpsuits and look amazing. Look at Sew Dixie Lou's recent post - now SHE can wear a jumpsuit! LOOK at that thing! I wish I could do that. But I will simply have to appreciate them from afar. But regardless - I LOVE this pattern and appreciate it's inclusion even if I never use it personally! Both model versions look spectacular. The White one has creases down the front.

Three little dresses this way come! All three have their own place in my wardrobe. That middle one (#124) in particular. I adore the models polka dot fabric and would love to make it up in a red polka dot. SO cute! #127 als looks like a simple summer every-day dress. Nice shoulder pulls for a little detail. Works great for a busy print. #118 looks like I'd make it in a dark navy and wear it as a staple to work under all my crazy print blazers!

I like the detail of the half faux cross bodice but don't know how flattering this shape would be on me. But I like the way it looks on both the models. But I just ave to point out that they should have lined that green dress and you can see straight through that fabric and the models legs are on full display. Oops.

This pattern comes in the three versions. Shirt with 3/4 sleeves, sleeveless, and halter. They all have the same basic bodice front but the bodice back is fuller and they simply added sleeves. I actually like when they show a patterns variety because it helps me better understand pattern construction and opens my mind to how I can alter other patterns I already own.

As always, Burda included two staple jacket shapes. I wouldn't make either but they could both be useful.

For me, the only pattern worth mentioning from the Plus sizes is this twist front shirt. The wrap front is flatting and the twist will help hide all those stomach bits that tight clothes like to showcase. This is definitely something I could see myself wearing in a lovely wool knit. I can't wait.

Now that you've previewed the majority of the patterns from this issue (I didn't include the kids/mens patterns as I could care less about those) what is your opinion? Don't you agree that Burda did almost everything right in this months issue?!?! So amazing. GREAT job Burda - keep up the amazing work!

I can't wait to get this issue in the mail! I just want to squeal in anticipation!


  1. I will be buying this.

    SSB. https://facebook.com/sassysewingbees

  2. I am on pins and needles waiting for the April edition. Everything is just fantastic.

    1. I know! Burda did an INCREDIBLE job with this months issue! The photo shoots as well are perfect!

  3. Oh I am thrilled to see your preview of Burda April. Mine must be in the mail. I love all the dresses.
    How do I follow your blog? I've looked for it on Bloglovin and there is no blogspot way to follow either. I love your blog but I only happen on it now and again because I don't follow.

    1. Sorry! I've added a subscribe tab as well as the bloglovin button to the right column of the blog now! I didn't realize they were not there. I use Feedly myself as my blog reader.

      But I'm so thrilled for this issue.