About Me

Hi! I'm Chrystal McKay. I am a 25 year old who is new to sewing.

I'm a collector of skills and hobbies. I tend to learn something new at least once a year Or, a minimum, become extremely focused and interested in a topic. I'm more of an obsession-ist.

I started sewing on a whim. I was looking for activities to do while in Melbourne, Australia and found The Thread Den's Introduction to Sewing course. That sounds EXACTLY like something I'd do. So I did. And I immediately loved it. And like the good obsession-ist that I am, I devoted the rest of my time in Melbourne and Sydney to scouring fabric shops and learning as much about fabrics, patterns, and sewing as I could.

That brings me to now. I moved back to my home town of Thunder Bay, Canada. Not the most thrilling place on the planet, but it definitely has a strong sense of comfort and stability that I was seeking after my worldly travels.

Grandma gave me her Singer sewing machine. Then I bought a new sewing machine. Mother gave me a Serger for Christmas. My fabric, pattern, and magazine stash went from nil to overflowing quickly. I spend at least an hour every day on my sewing obsession. I couldn't be happier.

Sewing Machine: Singer 4423 Heavy Duty
Serger: Brother 1034 D
Dressform: Nope! 
Camera: Canon Rebel T3
Body Type: Rectangular Pear (My shoulder/waist/hip ratio = square but bust/waist/hip = pear)
Knitting: Working on my first sweater currently (Antrorse)