03 September 2015

Don't rain on my Anna Parade

I am hooked on Anna. She's quick, she's flattering, she's casual, she displays fabrics well. She's everything I want from a pattern. By hand London produced pattern gold with this pattern. And I hit the pattern jackpot when I decided to re-visit here this year.

It wasn't love at first site for Anna and I. She liked a little boring (shhh pretty baby first impressions hurt I know I know...) but after a barrage of Anna's hit the blogosphere my opinion slowly started to shift and I gave in (as I easily do when buying patterns). 

She arrived and I squealed with joy and did a little dance; what a pretty little packaged pattern you are sent all the way from London UK into my loving arms! 

I unfolded the tissue with care and traced off my size at the time (16/20). And I started to make her using some orange-hued cotton poplin I had. Easy fabric - should work out right? oh so wrong...

Why are you so cruel dear Anna? This first attempt was all sorts of wrong....the shoulder-bust height was almost double, the width was tight, the facings just WOULDNT stay down and my not-so-invisible zipper drove me bonkers. I threw that hideous Anna into the corner in a fit of beginner seamstress rage and proclaimed a hated for her and shunned her pretty packaged self into the "bad pattern" pile. 

It took me over a year and a half to pick it up again and reconsider. I'd shrunk as a Human down into the size (8/10) category and felt maybe my new size and my more advanced sewing knowledge would help with the fit. And to my extreme pleasure it has! 

And without further ado I give you my Anna Parade:

The Yargggg Sailer Girl

The Antelopes-a-Prancing


The Hipster Anne of Green Gables

And don't you worry....this parade may never end..... 

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01 September 2015

New Look 6067 - Black Magic Rabbit

Winner winner Chicken dinner folks. 

Extremely difficult to see the pattern style lines but the bodice has 3 beautiful bust pleats protruding from centre front. 

And of course the BEST part of this dress - MAGICAL RABBITS!!! Those are not simple white dots my friends. Nope nope nope. They are magical rabbits come to make my day with each and every wear!
Fully lined sleeves sewed as one with the lining for a beautiful clean edge - lining is a plain black stretch cotton poplin.

Pattern: New Look 6069
Size: 12
Fabric: Cotton Poplin with Rabbits (Fabric.com)
A-lined the skirt
Fully lined the entire dress
Eliminated the neck split

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29 June 2015

Chambray Wenona - Named Clothing

The shirtdress. Big Fan. And the sleeves on this Wenona shirtdress immediately sold me on the pattern.

I once again used Robert Kaufman's chambray fabric but in two colour-ways: olive & blue

I don't think the two colours go together perfectly but I do appreciate that they are the exact same fabrics - same weight, same pattern, same feel.  

Since the fabric is an olive green I opted to use a green tinted marble buttons and I think they go really well against the fabric, they are more muted than a whiter shade.

The back has a button the collar and a pleat on the back bodice - both are really cute details.

The button plackets on this pattern a teeny tiny so if I make it again I'd change those up because I don't like that they are simple turn and stitch because as you can see in the photo if I bend my wrist at all the inside shows and you can see the serged seams.

From the back yoke up the pattern is drafted beautifully. From the boob area down - it's a sack. There are no darts and from the arm scyth to hem line the pattern angles out progressively into a trapeze. NOT flattering at all. To fix the parachute feel of this dress I added elastic to the back waistline only, it helped with the shape, but I don't like the look of it so I only wear it with a belt to hide the elasticated back.

The next version I make will be blended with the Deer&Doe Bruyere shirt from the arm scythe down. This will enable me to keep the details I love about the Wenone: Sleeves, pointed collar, back yoke but merge it with the things I love about the Bruyere: fitted bust and waist, and appropriately shaped skirt/hem circumference. 


Pattern: Named Clothing Wenona Shirt Dress
Size: 38
Fabric: Robert Kaufman Chambray
  • Added elastic to the back bodice waistline to take in the gazillion extra inches of ease this pattern includes in the design.

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16 June 2015

Let There Be Ships! New Look 6067

One day while browsing on Fabric.com I fell in love with a sweet little fabric covered in ships. The background was white and the tiny boats were blue, the stretch factor was just right, and a click click click later for $7/yd I owned three yards of it.

The bodice is the beautiful New Look 6067. with three bust pleats up the centre front. 

I must say - New Look patterns are wonderful - they all fit perfectly out of the package - which clearly I'm a big fan of - and many of the patterns have very cute bodices.

The fabric is a cotton poplin - slightly see through so I lined the entire dress with another plain white cotton poplin. 

Since I didn't really like the skirt pattern too much as pencil skirts aren't really my cup of tea, I swapped it out for my preferred skirt pattern from Sewaholic's belladone skirt and using three box pleats instead of two knife pleats. 

Nothing like a little breeze to emphasize your derriere....thanks wind.

Pockets. I LOVE pockets. The Belladone pockets are perfect too. Nice and deep - aint nothing falling out of these babies when I sit down!

I worked hard to line the rows of boats up across the bodice front. They are straight across the front which is great but I should have worked harder so the print matched down the centre seam - I kind of shrunk the boats in half.

Gathered sleeves add a nice shape in poplin fabric. I also fully lined the bodice and sleeves so I have a nice clean finish.

My handsome boyfriend took all these photos for me while we were in New York City. These are from the Coney Island Aquarium - we rode the subway for 45 minutes one way just to say we tried a Coney Island Hotdog (it was a let down but hey my pretzel was amazing!

Pattern: New Look 6067 + Sewaholic's Belladone Skirt
Size: 8
Fabric: Cotton Poplin
Alterations: Added darts to the back neckline to reduce gaping.

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03 June 2015

Me Made May Week 4 + Round Up 2015

All done May and heres the final week and a round up 

Day 31
Pattern: Simplicity 2444
Fabric: Cotton Sateen
Occasion: Work
Thoughts: Easy to wear 

Day 30
Pattern: McCall's 6696
Fabric: Robert Kaufman Caroline Gingham
Occasion: Work
Thoughts: yay almost done May!!

 Day 29
Pattern: Vogue 1102
Fabric: Chiffon
Occasion: Work (worn with a sweater and belt to tone down the fancy)
Thoughts; Need to take out 2" under each arm because its way too big now.
Day 27
Pattern: New Look 6067 Bodice + Deer and doe Belladone Skirt
Fabric: Cotton Poplin with Ships
Occasion: Work
Thoughts: Love this dress but may need to make it a tad smaller as well.

Day 26
Pattern: Sewaholic Saltspring
Fabric: Owl Rayon
Occasion: Work
Thoughts: Perfect fit and adorable fabric!!

Day 25
Pattern: By Hand London Anna dress
Fabric: Cotton&Steel 
Occasion: Work
Thoughts: Wearing the same dress in the same week? You betcha! Love it!

Lets do some statistics:
Dresses: 23 (two repeats)
Shirts: 2
Skirts: 2
Pants: 2

Clearly I'm a dress girl

All of May in one photo :)

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24 May 2015

Me Made May Week 3

Week Three of Me Made May!!

Pattern: Vogue 1247
Fabric: giraffe denim
Occasion: Sunday funday w Chowdog
Thoughts: quick girls size fix - serged off 2" per side and ta da it fits again and I absolutely adore this skirt!! 

Day 17
Pattern: Anna dress by By Hand London
Fabric: sevenberry anchor cotton
Occasion: impromptu shopping trip to the USA with my man 
Thoughts: first Anna dress after a very unsuccessful attempt last year and this one fits perfect! Very comfortable!
Day 20
Pattern: pencil skirt
Fabric: ponte knit
Occasion: work
Thoughts: nothing like a knit skirt to make my days more comfortable

Day 21
Pattern: Bruyere dress by Deer and Doe
Fabric: Robert Kaufman chambray with ships
Occasion: work
Thoughts: great easy to wear dress and still one of my favourite patterns

Day 22
Pattern: Steeplechase Leggings by Fehr Trade 
Fabric: spandex
Occasion: morning hot yoga 
Thoughts: super fun to wear and great stretch but not the greatest breathability for a hot yoga class. Working on my headstand!

Day 23
Pattern: Anna bodice By Hand London + Saltspring skirt Deer&Doe
Fabric: Cotton&Steel with antelopes
Occasion: Saturday shopping
Thoughts: I've quickly learned the Anna dress addiction having made two Anna's in two weeks with plans for 2 more...super flattering pattern that works well to display fabrics! Quick see as well - fully lined. 

Day 24
Pattern: Steeplechase Leggings by By Hand London 
Fabric: New Balance Supplex
Occasion: hot yoga
Thoughts: amazing. So impressed by my mad skills people!! Love these leggings with their lime green piping!!

I missed a day :( I forgot to take a photo but I totally wore me made dress I swear!!

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16 May 2015

Me-Made-May-15 Week 2

May 8
Pattern: Flora by By Hand London
Fabric: polyester 
Occasion: Work
Thoughts: major hack on this dress - took out 4" from both side seams to make it fit. Do the bodice waist darts now point to my armpits? You betcha they do!  But luckily my shoulder width hasn't decreased much so the straps still fit nicely. 
Day 9
Pattern: Saltspring by Sewaholic
Fabric: Anne Sui cotton/silk Border Print
Occasion: Saturday shopping and date night my man. 
Thoughts: fabric is beautiful to the touch. Straps are 1/2" too short but without major reconstruction there's nothing I can do to fix it :( 
Day 10
Pattern: Kim Dress by By Hand London
Fabric: stretch cotton poplin
Occasion: Mother's Day brunches (for my mommy and grandma as well as my bfs family)
Thoughts: Sewed a size 10 - forgot this fabric had stretch to it - resewed it with 1" seams - terrible hack - shoulder straps fit better but still too wide so I may add a shoulder strap across the top back so I'll actually get more wear out of it. The fabric is beautiful. 
Day 11
Pattern: McCalls 6553
Fabric: Polyester 
Occasion: work
Thoughts: easy throw on dress with fun back Cape. I think I'll make a few more for summer as its great for keep a pattern in tact. 
Day 12
Pattern: McCalls 6696
Fabric: Robert Kaufman 1" Carolina Gingham
Occasion: Work
Thoughts: absolutely love this dress
Day 13
Pattern: Vogue 1102
Fabric: Cotton with embroidered anchors
Occasion: Work
Thoughts: after another 4" quick hack off the bodice under arms this beauty fits again! So pleased! (The waist Seam has elastic in it so holds it shape will with this hack)
Day 14
Pattern: McCalls 6696
Fabric: Quilting cotton + yellow Robert Kaufman chambray 
Occasion: Work
Thoughts: even though it's too big all over I still love the vibe of this dress. 
Day 15
Pattern: Summer Concert Tee by Dixie DIY
Fabric: cotton knit with 1-way stretch
Occasion: work
Thoughts: need to reattach the neck binding with a bias cut piece instead of with the grain as it sticks out. Otherwise comfortable. 

See you next week!
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