28 November 2013


Ravelry has taken over my life. I adore it. I frantically search for amazing knits that are a blend of easy (since I'm still a beginner) and beautiful (since I love pretty things). So much FUN I'm definitely knit-faced.

I made this beautiful yellow cowl. I wanted to play with texture and learn a new pattern from my pattern book. I figure I'll be making many snoods in the near future with varying textures. Test them all out. See which ones I like best.

Yarn: Paton Classic Wool Roving
Colour: Yellow 77615
Contents: 100% Wool
Pattern: Blanket Knit Stitch

I have been eyeing these Turban headbands for awhile. My work sells one identical to it. But I knew I could make my own. Forget buying it. So I did just that! Simple. I think I'll make many many more in many many more colours!

Yarn: Red Heart Soft Touch
Colour: Berry 9779
Contents: 100% Acrylic
Pattern: Rib Stitch

And finally we have my first voyage into the world of cables! LOVE them. Not as difficult as I thought they would be once I purchased double ended needles. So much easier to use than my first attempt using cable holders. BUT I am super happy with the result and can't wait to find another beautiful cable pattern to try. Since I had lots of the Red Heart Soft Touch remaining I used that. I don't much like acrylic yarn but I didn't want to veer away from the exact instructions because I am TERRIBLE at gauging size. OOOPS.

Yarn: Red Heart Soft Touch
Colour: Berry 9779
Contents: 100% Acrylic
Pattern: Cable 6

And there are many more knits to come. Just you wait random internet people. JUST. You. wait.

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27 November 2013

Review: My Image Fall/Winter 2011

The cover says 16 Reasons to be trendy. I would only partially agree. I never expect to like every pattern in a magazine but I'm always hoping that half of them are to my liking. That is how I determine the magazines worth to me. 
I don't like to use the word trendy unless I'm referring to colour. So lets take a looksie at the patterns shall we and YOU decide if you think these patterns are trendy or not.

The jacket is a basic princess seam with nothing too special. I probably wouldn't make it as there are no special details on it. Skirt M1151 with the gather is very nice. I would wear that with dark tights in a nice tight material. Add a little bow at the bottom and I love it. The ruffle skirt just isn't my style so I'd skip that. But the final jacket M1164A (hip length) is incredible. I love the breast placket and buttons. Very lovely detail although I'd love if it had a hood! 

So 2/4 patterns are make-able to me. 

I'm going to summarize my thoughts on these patterns - NOPE. Not to be harsh but these patterns are just not me. Those drop crotch pants - Seriously? I HATE that style and don't think it flatters anybody. Just a giant droopy butt. But thats just me. A basic scoop neck shirt, not for me. And although I love the longer version of the jacket, this crop one just would never be worn within my wardrobe.

0/4 Are make-able by my whims! NEXT!

The skirt with its ruffle is a definite make for me. I like the length, and I like the double-sided ruffle a la picture 1 and picture 3 (pattern one side/black the other). Both jackets I'd skip on. Although the patterns are decent, they aren't special enough for me to make.

1/3 Patterns are Make-able to me. Hmmm this magazine isn't GREAT thus far.

All three of these items are hits for me. Dress M1155 is my favourite. Although I don't like wrap dresses, I like this faux wrap dress with the cross bodice. The dress and jacket are quick easy makes, simple princess seam dress and an easy Christmas wrap.

Good photo - 3/3 patterns I would make. 

This dress is by far my favourite. I love the front ruching a lot and the 4th picture has lace around the bodice which I think is a great touch. The jacket is the full length version of the first jacket I said I liked, but I dislike this long version of it. It is funny how particular I am about length, but I know what I like and don't like. To each their own right?

1/2 patterns I would make. Pretty good odds.
Although I like the pleat in the front, the cusping of the boob just isn't to my fancy. The upward swoop of the bodice connecting to the V-neck I feel would make the ladies look smaller. I just probably wouldn't make this with the other choices available.

0/1 I would make.

And last but not least; my favourite pattern in the magazine. This encompasses many features I find appealing: small cowl neck (I love turtle necks - dorky right?), the colour blocking potential, the seam at the waistline, pleating, and a tighter bottom hem. I have many dresses similar to this in my wardrobe already and having the option to sew my own is really exciting! 

1/1 I would. This will be the first pattern I make from this issue!

As a side note; With so many options for each design I really wish they would make one or two of them out of solid colour fabric to help showcase the details that are obscured in busy prints. If you only had one photo I understand having a print, but with four colour/pattern options, give me a solid. That would be appreciated.

So in total I would make 8/16 patterns in this magazine. So that is 50% of the patterns that I like. The only problem is, only 2 of them have me tracing out the pattern and picking out fabrics. 

But lets hear your opinions; which patterns would you make? And do you consider these patterns trendy?

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20 November 2013

Review: My Image SS 2012

And MY final copy of My Image magazine - Spring/Summer 2012. You can read the other two reviews of this magazine here and here.

This issue has my two favourite patterns out of all three magazines. The rest of the patterns I find nice but none that immediately jump at me. But as a whole issue, this is the one I'd recommend myself to buy (if I didn't already own it). But that's just me talking to me.

So lets see.

First up with have a nice semi-wrap dress with a bottom frill. I like the concept of the dress but I don't think this would work well with my body shape. I think it would emphasis my hips. Not sure though. I might make it if I have extra knit sometime.

This dress is easy and all of these fabric choices are beautiful! That orange tree one is spectacular! How do I purchase that? (Hint: in the magazine each page zoomed in photos of piece details and tell you where you can buy the fabrics/notions on each item! How amazing is that?!?!) Too bad this magazine in European so I won't be getting my hand on that fabric any time soon sadly. But the dress is beautiful. 

Plenty of items on display in this photo. First we have the Coat. It is a fine coat, but nothing spectacular to me. I don't really like the cross over at the top as it just makes it look like you started to sew crooked. I doubt many would agree with me though. Next up is the Dress Simple dress with ruching I think? I can't tell by the models clothing ro the technical drawing but I'm guessing it is ruching of some sort. But anyways, nice but not something I'd make. Next up are the mittens and the bag - Those mittens are adorable and I am certainly going to make them. Line them with fuzzy fur fabric! mmmm I love winter mittens. The bag I'd skip but its nice that they included accessories in this issue.

This is my first favourite item out of this issue - the Jacket. I absolutely adore the shape of the lapels and that it has a hidden button. I think it looks really great. I don't think it would lend itself to a large bust too well, but I don't really have to worry about that. I also love that they used a stiffer wool looking fabric as well as a drapier patterned fabric. Shows you how it sits in the different fabric weights. Very nice. And a very very basic skirt. 

And this is my second favourite pattern of the magazine - TROUSERS! Look at that STYLISH pleated design feature! I don't think I have ever said that pants are one of my favourite patterns until now. They just look incredible in both the technical drawing and the green pair that the first model is wearing. The pink ones hide the pleating, but the green ones are the perfect blend of sporty and stylish. Love them. Onto the other patterns. The packet actually looks cute on these models even though I wouldn't make a crop jacket for myself. The large ruffled dress & top are definite no's - I greatly dislike the shape of them and it oddly reminds me of fish scales. Yuck.

Next up we have a  vest which looks like a great casual Casual-Sunday-reading-my-book-in-a-little-nook piece. And these trousers are poopy-pants trousers - lots of extra material around the hips and butt which is a definite no-no for me. If I was tall and lean they might be alright, but as for my current proportions I think not. The jacket is a shorter peplumed version of the long coat up top and again the slanted buttons just don't look right to me. I love a good asymmetrical zipper, but this just looks off. And finally we  have a little hat with a flower detail. Again, line this baby with fur and I'll love it forever!

Last in the issue are three items I have no desire to make: a pair of winter shorts (which they've sewn with fur-lined hems- really?) a basic shirt and a shawl. There is nothing WRONG with these patterns (The shorts I might make for summer but I am not a shorts type of person. But considering this issue is based more on winter attire - the shorts are NOT practical for this Canadian girl. Even with fleece tights. 

So added to my imediate sew list are the jacket and even more so the trousers with the pleat details! LOVE them. What do you think of this issue? Worth it? Would you wear fur lined shorts in winter?

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18 November 2013

Grey Wool Circle Skirt

I have always loved the cold weather. I love to bundle up, wear fleece tights and wool accessories to keep warm. So when I found this luxurious 100% grey wool coating for the incredible price of $5/metre I knew it had to be mine. The thickness of it, the soft, furry touch of it, and its colour. It was all perfect material in my eyes.

Since I do love the cold weather, I wanted to make this wool coating into day wear instead of outter wear. Was it possible? It has great drape for a heavy wool coating, but I knew it probably wouldn't take darts without adding substantial bulk and gathers would NOT be happening in this without added 50 lbs to my waist line. And forget that right? So I opted for a simple circle skirt with waist band.

This circle skirt has no side seam. I cut it all as one piece. I love the thought of an endless piece of material. AND no seam means no bulk. That works for me!

I added a metal zipper because I prefer the look of them. I wanted to make it a full exposed zipper but realized that I am still terrible at adding zippers so I ended up with a slashed opening basic zipper insertion. Easy for me. It does cover my metal zipper a bunch, whereas I wanted it full exposed, I am just happy that it turned out as not a hot mess.

There is a small sprinkling of snow of the ground and taking these pictures sans fleece tights wasn't my brightest idea. It was cooooooooooold. And we all know that a circle skirt loves to keep it breezy. And Breezy it was. You can't see it but I have many many goosebumps.Maybe the staunch white colour of my legs is testament to the last time these gams saw the sunlight eh?

Here's to a beautiful winter of fleece tights and wool garments!

Fabric: 100% Wool Coating
Cost: 5$/metre - 0.75m Used
Pattern: Self drafted Circle Skirt with waist band

ps. I still have 2 metres of this wool fabric. I'm thinking a beautiful dress next!
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13 November 2013

Review: Burda Style Magazines Year 2011

So while I was perusing eBay the other day I came across a seller bulk selling Burda Style for the year 2011. I jumped on the chance to own them all. I went to own ALL the things. So I started bidding with my max bid at $60. For 12 Magazines, I figured that is reasonable. Well I won. And Priority mail got to work and the package was delivered 3 days later - to the USA/Canada Border. Cheaper than shipping into Canada. I jumped in my car cranked the Phantom of the Opera and took a little drive to the Border. Went to a coffee house, ripped open my box (more like struggled desperately with tape looking like an idiot in the process). FINALLY got into my box of glorious magazines and devoured them while sipping a Maple Mocha.

12 magazines later and I must say that I do love Burda Style patterns. But I realized that I only like a select few of them. I like those specific patterns crazy amounts, but only a few. So to summarize. I thought I'd create this post including photos of every pattern that I like out of each month of 2011. mmmm pretty photos.
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08 November 2013

It's a Snoody Day in the Neighbourhood

While I was in Melbourne, Australia I found that the city has this incredible artistic vibrancy about it. The city pulsates with culture and stimulates all those who enter it. I wanted to be a part the drama, a part of the colour. I scoured the independent designer shops, the thrift stores, and found fabrics galore. But another part of the city I wanted to be involved in was learning a new craft. I immediately signed up for a knitting course.

Every year I beg my grandmother to knit me another pair of mittens. I love knitted mittens. Line them with fur and they are perfect for Canadian winters. The colour options, the yarn texture, the designs. Knitting has always been so beautiful to me. I always knew I should learn but never considered taking a course on it. I'm so glad I did. It was casual and fun. There was tea and laughter involved. It was splendid. I felt like I was gaining so much from Melbourne. Melbourne was sharing its passion for the arts with me. 

But, I arrived back in Canada in a midst summer time. Hot and sweaty and wonderful. Knitting was the last thought on my mind. But as my new skill got set aside temporarily, I knew I would pick it up again. I knew I would hone my skills. I simply had to wait. It is Canada after all. And one of the Great White North's guarantees are the rapid temperature drops. And just like that October rolled around and hello Winter. 

I needed to pick up my needles and start knitting. It was brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr cold out. And knit I did.

Thanks to By Hand London's post I had two beautiful snood patterns to choose from. I wanted them both. And I wanted them NOW. And that is what I did. I bought circular needles and super chunky Peruvian wool. I turned on the kettle and pulled out my favourite mug. I was about to spend my night inside cozied in my fur blanket, knitting away. Bliss.

And these are my results:

The Moss Stitch Snood

Bernat Roving in Plum (00071) (80% Acrylic 20% Wool)

The Basket Weave Snood

SMC Tweed Montage in Grand Canyon (509) (56% New Wool/40% Acrylic/4% Viscose)

Started: The English Rib (with a twist)!

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06 November 2013

Review: My Image S/S 2011 Pattern Magazine


As I browse the internets for pattern fun I came across this magazine by MyImage. They had a sale on that for 16 Euros I could have three of the older issues: Spring/Summer 2011, Autumn/Winter 2011, and Autumn/Winter 2012.

I'll post the reviews in chronological order. Each magazine comes with 16 patterns. And they showcase each item multiple times in different fabrics and on different models which is actually a great way to show the patterns diversity. Oft times I am put off by patterns by the fabric choice of the sample garment and it takes me a few seconds to  look at the technical drawing to really get a feel for the item. Also, depending on the magazine, the item in question is photographed so badly that the details of the pattern are completely obscured by the models position. So MyImage has done well in showing multiple samples. It is appreciated.

I've cropped many of the patterns together to showcase the different styles on the dress in the same photo below instead of seeing the dress repeated 3 or 4 times in different photos. If that makes sense. You'll see. I've included the technical drawing as well.

I find the patterns to be simple and only a few of the appeal to me. The patterns feel a little dated at times, but they still provide some great basics. Lets see them in as much order as I could muster:

I would make the Blouse M1102 as the front buttons and high waist are nice But the other three items I wouldn't make. Not because they are bad but because I don't make pants yet and the jacket isn't anything special.
I have two versions of M1104 so I would definitely make this blouse. I love ruffles. There are never enough boob ruffles. But the skirt isn't my style.
The tunic is simple but nothing special and again I don't make pants.
Now this dress is simple but cute with its cute-out at the neckline. I like the yoke band and I think the 4th design with the stripes is my favourite look.
4 patterns and only one is of any interest to me: M1114 the Skirt. It has very nice style lines on it and would be fun to colour block with. The other three just aren't my style; a baggy shirt, and a midget jacket. 

Now this dress I really like. Although you can't see the ruching detail much with the fabric choices, I still like the idea of ruching along the front of the dress. Would help greatly to hide all things I want hidden! skip the cardigan.
Now, I've looked at this dress over and over and each time I look I can't decide if I hate it or think it is super cute. It has the potential to be cute, so I like that, it reminds me of a childs jumper, which I like, so if I play up that aspect, maybe some giant buttons, would help me lean more towards the cute side. 
Another lovely dress with ruching and a very nice angled neckline. I would probably even out the front hemline so it doesn't appear that the ruching has gathered the dress up, but that is just my preference. Otherwise it is a quick make.
And lastly we have a simple maxi dress. If we cut the dress just below the knee it would be a basic dress I'd probably get a lot of wear out of in the summer time in a lovely floral pattern. But with the maxi length I wouldn't wear it as they emphasize the fact that I am short and add undesirable width to me. They become very moo-moo-ish no matter now straight up the skirt is. So shorten the hem for the short me.

Overall the magazine isn't bad but I would only make 6 or 7 of the 16 patterns. But only 2 of them are patterns I want to immediately trace and make. Hmmm, not my favourite magazine for certain.

How do you feel about these patterns? Anything an immediate make for you? Or are all of them mediocre?
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