28 November 2013


Ravelry has taken over my life. I adore it. I frantically search for amazing knits that are a blend of easy (since I'm still a beginner) and beautiful (since I love pretty things). So much FUN I'm definitely knit-faced.

I made this beautiful yellow cowl. I wanted to play with texture and learn a new pattern from my pattern book. I figure I'll be making many snoods in the near future with varying textures. Test them all out. See which ones I like best.

Yarn: Paton Classic Wool Roving
Colour: Yellow 77615
Contents: 100% Wool
Pattern: Blanket Knit Stitch

I have been eyeing these Turban headbands for awhile. My work sells one identical to it. But I knew I could make my own. Forget buying it. So I did just that! Simple. I think I'll make many many more in many many more colours!

Yarn: Red Heart Soft Touch
Colour: Berry 9779
Contents: 100% Acrylic
Pattern: Rib Stitch

And finally we have my first voyage into the world of cables! LOVE them. Not as difficult as I thought they would be once I purchased double ended needles. So much easier to use than my first attempt using cable holders. BUT I am super happy with the result and can't wait to find another beautiful cable pattern to try. Since I had lots of the Red Heart Soft Touch remaining I used that. I don't much like acrylic yarn but I didn't want to veer away from the exact instructions because I am TERRIBLE at gauging size. OOOPS.

Yarn: Red Heart Soft Touch
Colour: Berry 9779
Contents: 100% Acrylic
Pattern: Cable 6

And there are many more knits to come. Just you wait random internet people. JUST. You. wait.


  1. Did you use a pattern for the turban headband, or did you make your own up? It's super cute!!

  2. Thank you! I used a pattern from Ravelry because I'm not very good with gauging yet. You can find it here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/nicole-headband-twisted-turban