20 November 2013

Review: My Image SS 2012

And MY final copy of My Image magazine - Spring/Summer 2012. You can read the other two reviews of this magazine here and here.

This issue has my two favourite patterns out of all three magazines. The rest of the patterns I find nice but none that immediately jump at me. But as a whole issue, this is the one I'd recommend myself to buy (if I didn't already own it). But that's just me talking to me.

So lets see.

First up with have a nice semi-wrap dress with a bottom frill. I like the concept of the dress but I don't think this would work well with my body shape. I think it would emphasis my hips. Not sure though. I might make it if I have extra knit sometime.

This dress is easy and all of these fabric choices are beautiful! That orange tree one is spectacular! How do I purchase that? (Hint: in the magazine each page zoomed in photos of piece details and tell you where you can buy the fabrics/notions on each item! How amazing is that?!?!) Too bad this magazine in European so I won't be getting my hand on that fabric any time soon sadly. But the dress is beautiful. 

Plenty of items on display in this photo. First we have the Coat. It is a fine coat, but nothing spectacular to me. I don't really like the cross over at the top as it just makes it look like you started to sew crooked. I doubt many would agree with me though. Next up is the Dress Simple dress with ruching I think? I can't tell by the models clothing ro the technical drawing but I'm guessing it is ruching of some sort. But anyways, nice but not something I'd make. Next up are the mittens and the bag - Those mittens are adorable and I am certainly going to make them. Line them with fuzzy fur fabric! mmmm I love winter mittens. The bag I'd skip but its nice that they included accessories in this issue.

This is my first favourite item out of this issue - the Jacket. I absolutely adore the shape of the lapels and that it has a hidden button. I think it looks really great. I don't think it would lend itself to a large bust too well, but I don't really have to worry about that. I also love that they used a stiffer wool looking fabric as well as a drapier patterned fabric. Shows you how it sits in the different fabric weights. Very nice. And a very very basic skirt. 

And this is my second favourite pattern of the magazine - TROUSERS! Look at that STYLISH pleated design feature! I don't think I have ever said that pants are one of my favourite patterns until now. They just look incredible in both the technical drawing and the green pair that the first model is wearing. The pink ones hide the pleating, but the green ones are the perfect blend of sporty and stylish. Love them. Onto the other patterns. The packet actually looks cute on these models even though I wouldn't make a crop jacket for myself. The large ruffled dress & top are definite no's - I greatly dislike the shape of them and it oddly reminds me of fish scales. Yuck.

Next up we have a  vest which looks like a great casual Casual-Sunday-reading-my-book-in-a-little-nook piece. And these trousers are poopy-pants trousers - lots of extra material around the hips and butt which is a definite no-no for me. If I was tall and lean they might be alright, but as for my current proportions I think not. The jacket is a shorter peplumed version of the long coat up top and again the slanted buttons just don't look right to me. I love a good asymmetrical zipper, but this just looks off. And finally we  have a little hat with a flower detail. Again, line this baby with fur and I'll love it forever!

Last in the issue are three items I have no desire to make: a pair of winter shorts (which they've sewn with fur-lined hems- really?) a basic shirt and a shawl. There is nothing WRONG with these patterns (The shorts I might make for summer but I am not a shorts type of person. But considering this issue is based more on winter attire - the shorts are NOT practical for this Canadian girl. Even with fleece tights. 

So added to my imediate sew list are the jacket and even more so the trousers with the pleat details! LOVE them. What do you think of this issue? Worth it? Would you wear fur lined shorts in winter?

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