01 November 2013

More Mail Order Big 4

On a similar note - Christmas has arrived again and I ordered new patterns during a $1.99 sale with ClubBMV. 

Lets check out the newbies:

Warm Winter Leggings (McCalls 6404)

My favourite outfits are dresses with leggings/fleece tights. With the -30 degrees in the middle of winter a soft warm pair if fleece tights are so welcome! 

So I found this pattern after I saw a beautiful pair of leather pants made by beaute J'adore and new I wanted them. Mine all mine! now to find beautiful fleecey material!

Side note: why use black material for the cover as it completely hides the style line variations on the pattern. Doh!

Cascade Dress (Vogue 1344)

This is just beautiful. It is begging to be made out of silk fabric! And another side note about the models dress - busy fabric? Completely hides the cascade skirt and the shoulder gathers. Doh!

Public Lounge Wear (Vogue 1323)

Elastic waist and ankles? I'm in heaven! Make these out of a nice silk or linen and they'll be socially appropriate and comfy. Mmmmm elastic...


So what do you think of my big 4 mail order purchases? would you buy these patterns?

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