10 January 2014

Review: Burda Magazine Feb 2014

And the second issue of Burda Magazine for 2014 is only alright. A few nice pieces, but not one of them (for me) is an outstanding, spectacular piece. But they are all nice.

Two nice dresses. I like the square neckline and flounce sleeves.

I like the button down back with the faux waist belt. But I don't think it would look great on me personally.

I don't like the wide pleats on dress #101 - extra material across the front doesn't sound great to me. Pockets on the hips for dress #102 wouldn''t work for my pear shape. Both these dresses has width where I wouldn't want it.

I personally dislike off the shoulder tops so I'd NEVER wear this top. The skirt looks fun but the length is a bit dumpy with the giant pleats.

I don't like crop tops so I wouldn't wear this, even if I lengthened it, the boxy shape wouldn't do me any favours. The extra material on the skirt hips wouldn't be great for me either.
The #127 vest is lovely. I like the shoulder details and think it would be great for colour blocking. The skirt is not my style and the top simply looks sloppy. 

Now, the collar detail on these items is really pretty. I like the shirt better than the dress but think it would look best in solid colours.

This jersey top I might wear. I like the spunk it adds to a simple work appropriate outfit. I DISPISE those pants though. Ew. They add hip girth and just remind me of pants I'd wear working outdoors (which I don't do).

Jackets and lots of them. I like all three but none of them enough to make me think about fabric choices or put them on my to-sew list. 

Now, There are more patterns with some faux punk additions of safety pens. Not my style. And the entire section for plus sized patterns are not all that flattering. Again Burda is putting bags on plus sized models. I wish they would just make the normal size dresses in plus sizes. Why bags Burda? Not flattering.

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