22 January 2014

A Faux Wrap Dress Convert

New red lipstick mmmmhmmmm
When I purchased the Rayon knit fabric for my Renfrew top, there was another design in the same rayon. I wanted it too. I can't help it, when I see a deliciously soft rayon knit I have to have it. I KNOW it'll be luxurious to wear, so even without a plan in mind I bought it. BAD ME.

But, after the completion of my Renfrew, and wearing it constantly, I knew this rayon wanted to be converted in to a wrap dress of some type. Now, this is an extremely strange thought for me to have because I don't actually enjoy wearing wrap dresses. I have only had one, but I hated it. It was so uncomfortable and pulled at all the wrong places, so instead of the shape-flattering characteristics typical to wrap dresses, I felt like a blimp. NEVER something that you want to feel like. And that negative impression remained. For 10 years. WOW I certainly know how to hold  grudge eh? But then this rayon entered my life, and the idea of a wrap dress wouldn't leave my mind. So I submitted to the fabric's will and made a wrap dress.

I didn't have a pattern until I went to the Salvation Army and the only pattern not circa 1980's-shoulder-pad-extravaganza was this one: McCall's 5974, toted as The Perfect Knit Dress. It was meant to be - my beautiful Rayon fabric would be A Dress with Wraps (My take on a wrap dress), and maybe even a perfect one at that! So I skipped the whole way home, pattern in hand, singing "Do You Believe in Magic?".
Lovely pleats on the skirt which are hidden under the wrap ties.

Thankfully I was browsing PatternReview.com and decided to read a few reviews for M5974. My Skepticism at the statement "The Perfect Knit Dress" was creeping up quickly and I needed to placate myself prior to cutting into my rayon (which at this point I had been stroking lovingly and rubbing against my cheek). Every review immediately pointed out that McCalls had gone and done it again and made this pattern HUGE. Especially for a knit. Once again, Reading pays off! I decided to cut the size 8 after measuring the tissue pattern and felt that some negative ease is necessary for such a slinky fabric.

(My ties are ridiculously long. Contrary to most reviews which state they are on the short side)

I ignored the instructions as I so frequently do. Oops. It was just too simple to require them. So I hunkered down with my serger and zip-zip-zip I was done. Ok, I wish that was true, I have a few pleats to sew with my machine in both the bodice and skirt front, and then I spent more minutes than I care to admit to trying to figure out which way to attach the wraps so that they wouldn't be backwards. But I'm proud to say I got it correct on the first try. Yay me!
The bottom of my skirt is Off, it isn't JUST the photo.

But, Overall it went together quickly and it fits rather perfectly.  After taking off 6 inches off the length due to fabric restrictions, I wish I had added more length to the back to accommodate my derrier. But we sew and we learn right?
What you doing crazy Owner-Lady?


Pattern: McCall's M5974
Size: 8
Fabric: Rayon Jersey
Cost: $8 total
  • Shortened the length by a good 6 inches or so
  • Cut the Sleeve pattern to have negative ease
  • Narrow shoulder adjustment (to reduce fabric pooling over my shoulders)
  • Serged all seams including edges, then stitched them under
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  1. I love it! The fabric is gorgeous, I totally see why you couldn't leave it behind :)

    1. I know right?!?! A very strong obsession between me and this Rayon is currently happening. :D

  2. I own that fabric too! I made a Jalie cardigan with it with big pockets... it's a great fabric!

  3. Thank you for the review. I want a DVF dress looking thru my stash I found several patterns. I always do the FBA, looks like I wont need to with this one. Fabric is beautify. And the price OoLALA