09 January 2014

Review: Manequim October 2013

This magazine is a really great find. I ordered them off Ebay, and received three of them for $30 after shipping. This is a Portuguese pattern magazine from Brazil. Inside it provides 27 patterns that are only in 1 or maybe 2 sizes, so you either need how to re-size a pattern (I don't) or be willing to use stretch fabrics and have only half the patterns of value you to.

This October 2013 is the Party edition with a strong focus on floor-length gowns and party-wear. I don't mind this as they are SO beautiful to look at.

Manequim's patterns are fashion forward, stunning, and very well drafted. The only problem being that the magazine is in Portuguese, so you need an intermediate sewing skill or a translator for everything. So lets take a took at the offerings shall we?


The magazine has make-up tutorials, clothing accessories, and is organized more as a general beauty magazine than a straight sewing pattern magazine. There are many photos of dresses included that are NOT patterns provided. They are there for decoration. I don't REALLY like this set up as I want to see the patterns that are provided made up in different materials and such (more similar to Burda's set up). But I won't complain because the patterns are really spectacular.

Here are all 27 of the Party patterns technical drawings included in this magazine:
Since I lived in Argentina I learned to speak Spanish, and was introduced to Portuguese frequently, so I don't find it TOO hard to read the instructions, although technical sewing terms in another language are NEVER fun. But Since numbers are provided I didn't have to think to hard.

Tam. = Size
Folha = Sheet
Pecas = Pieces
Riscado com = Colour of Pattern Line (also identified by the large pattern #'s colour) 

Pattern Size Distribution

Pattern sizing ranges from 38 (bust=86cm/hips=92cm) to 46 (bust=102cm/hips=108cm) with:

Size 38 = 7 | Size 40 = 9 | Size 42 = 13 |
Size 44 = 5 | Size 46 = 3




My favourite patterns by far are: 223, 227, 218, 210, 205! All dresses, all stunning, all special occasion! But that's ok - I figure if I make them in a more casual fabric and shorten the skirt length, they can be everyday appropriate right? Well, that is what I'M going with cause I LOVE these patterns.

My Favourite Pattern is: #210

Backless and beautiful, with coverage under the draped bodice. Practical? Not really. But that isn't what I look for in a party gown.

What do you think of this magazine? Would you buy it? 

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