15 January 2014

Review: Manequim September 2013

This magazine has a plus sized section and more of the patterns are size 42/44 than any other size which for me is absolutely perfect because I generally wear a 42 shoulders and 46 waist. Perfect and easy for re-sizing. I could even just use a stretch material in a size 42 versus a woven to make them fit. Excellent. I like when life is easy.

This magazine has some really beautiful styling to showcase the garments. The fabric pattern and colours are spectacular, the makeup is clean and the poses are fun (especially with the mirror reflections). The only thing I dislike is that they showcase MANY pieces of clothing for which patterns are NOT included for. Sometimes these non-pattern pieces look like the showpiece. So I feel they could have selected a more neutral colour for all non-patterned pieces so that my eyes aren't immediately drawn to them and then let down upon finding out I can't make them myself.

The girl on the Right is wearing two outfits which patterns are not provided.

Number of Patterns in each size category:
Size 36 = 2 | Size 38 = 6 | Size 40 = 5 | Size 42 = 12
Size 44 = 10 | Size 46 = 3 | Size: 48 = 3 | Size 50 = 3 | Size 52 = 2

Technical Drawings from the magazine (self-taken poor quality - my bad)

Favourite Patterns: 414, 407, 403, 396, 395, 394, 393, 392, 386, 380

My favourite Pattern of the entire magazine is #393 - the grey piped with black dress below. STUNNING. I've actually already started making it. I don't have leather to make the accent lines so I'm debating if I should use black ponte instead as I used a ponte for the main body.

Out of 36 Patterns I immediately want to make 10 of them. And there are a few more that I would use.

This magazine is a win. I definitely wish I could get an AFFORDABLE subscription to it!

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