01 September 2016

Blue Porcelain - Sewaholic Cambie

Oh it's been awhile hasn't it? I can't help it...I'm an instant gratification via Instagram type. The whole...create a whole blog post thing with photos....well...it's daunting.

So you only get iPhone photos of my lovely dress. Busting out the ol canon SLR just wasn't on the agenda this week....and it doesn't look like it'll be on the forecast next week either..

But I have a plethora of new makes to share with you.

Pattern: Sewaholic Cambie
Fabric: Blue Porcelain Cotton Sateen
Size: 10
Adjustments: took a huge wedge out of the sweetheart and twisted that into the bust dart to help with gapping. Shortened the front sleeves - need to do more. Added 4" to the skirt front to make Knife Pleats in the front, and turned the darts into pleats at the back skirt.

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