08 January 2014

When Cowl Neck Dreams Come True

When I first started sewing last summer, I spent a significant amount of time browsing the websites of independent pattern companies. I loved the praise they received for both the drafting and instructions. As a newbie sewer, I wanted my projects to be successful, so those traits were highly appealing to me. And I also like to hoard things so I bought the Sewaholic Renfrew pattern during this pattern buying spree.

The renfrew was calling me name; cowl neck, knit, and great for every day casual wear. It was MINE, all mine. But, the pattern remained tucked away in my drawer, untouched, unloved, because knits? I'm new - lets not frightened myself away from my newly acquired skill with a massive knit failure. So it sat. Finally, 6 months later, newly owned serger in possession, I was ready and equipped to make my first renfrew.

The fabric I used is a rayon/spandex blend, soft to the touch with a nice non-clingy drape. The pattern is simple but interesting, and reminds me of actual knitting with all those V markings. But Rayon, oh rayon, how I DO love it. I'm trying really hard to find and use non-polyester fabrics. And this rayon was found in the clearance section for $2/metre. I love a great bargain.

So I started cutting out my fabric. Cut cut cut. Moved to the sewing room and started following the instructions.I get to the cowl and it says "sew the two pieces lengthwise". And I stare blankly. Two pieces? Oops, I only cut one and was out of fabric. NOW what do I do? I headed back to Fabricland in search of 0.5m more of fabric but it is gone. My beautiful Rayon, gone. So I made due, I bought solid black rayon for the inside of the cowl neck.

This pattern was a dream to sew. It took me less than an hour of sewing time and less than 3 hours in total (not including the second trip to the fabricstore). I liked that the sleeves were sewn to the arm hole and then the side seams and underarm seams were sewn together. Significantly easier than fitting a sleeve after its already a tube.

I sewed a size 42 but afterwards the shoulder seam was too wide so I serged it 1.5 inches closer. The stretch in the knit was forgiving and made this adjustment easy without ruining the fit at all.

The cowl is gigantic. It can ALMOST be worn as a hood. Next time I make it, I'll raise the neckline in the front and make the cowl smaller. It is a tad too loose for my usual liking, but you know what? I adore this fabric and I adore that my first foray into the world of knits was a success!  Yay for Knits!

Pattern: Renfrew by Sewaholic Patterns
Size: 42
Fabric: Rayon/Spandex knit
Cost: $2/metre
  • Serged the shoulder seams up 1.5 inches because I forgot to due a narrow shoulder adjustment prior to cutting my fabric.

With the temperatures at -50C I won't have ANY outdoor photos for awhile.

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