31 December 2013

2013: Made

Only in summer of this year did I learn to sew and knit. For the first time I learned about clothing construction in a week long course and I also took a 3 hour knitting class (But I forgot most of it and taught myself on youtube again in the fall). But, I am proud of my achievements, and excited for the new year.

Here is a list of all the items I've made since July this year and some goals for 2014.


Dresses: 7
Skirts: 2
Shirts: 1
Unblogged: 4 Dresses, 1 Jacket, 1 Skirt



I'm really proud of myself. I honestly love what I have accomplished, and fortunate for me, I wear all of my items on a weekly basis. The sleeveless dresses have been stored until it thaws here in the North (It's -40C) but all of my other dresses get worn constantly. My skirts I wear to work almost every second day, and my dresses I rotate for each time I go out. The one dress I haven't put up is the one I wear the most - it is also my lounging dress that I toss on each time I get home from work. I like to show off my makes. And all that knitting is a life-saver in this weather and everybody that I've gifted has appreciated the warmth that wool brings to their lives too!

Goals for 2014

  1. Magazines: Make 1 Burda pattern a month (Attempt to use that months magazine). I have many many many burda magazines. I purchased the 2010 year of magazines on Ebay for a steal. But, that many magazines, although glorious, means I am drowning in choice. So I am determined to focus and make one pattern a month. Also - sew one other pattern from a magazine each month; Manequim, Ottobre, MyImage, La Mia Boutique, the russian magazine I have....haha
  2. Use Owned Patterns. Do not buy any new patterns for the entire year. I already have many many many patterns, and I have tackled most of them. I purchased many vintage patterns from my local thrift shop for 30 cents each, but they are still patterns. My goal is to use the ones I have before investing in more. 
  3. Improve. Attempt more advanced patterns that improve my sewing skills at a steady pace. I was beyond fortunate to have received a serger for christmas this year (YAY!!!) so my goal is to conquer knits and finish all my seams properly! No more skipping the inside once the outside looks nice.
  4. Learn to embellish. I adore lace clothes, and most of the clothes I purchase had lace in some format, so I want to learn to use lace to embellish my dresses which tend to be on the plain side.
  5. Fabric stash busting. No more new fabrics. The only thing I'll allow myself to buy is lining if required only 3 of my fabrics will likely require it. I have too much fabric. I must USE it and not get distracted by the newest arrivals! (this goes for yarn too!)

Happy New Year to you all!

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