24 December 2013

My Little Red Dress - Lekala Pattern

All I wanted for Christmas was a red plaid dress. Then I couldn't find plaid. It was maddening. I returned to the fabric shop every week in hopes that Christmas plaids would arrive, but as Christmas loomed closer, and the plaids didn't arrive, I knew I'd have to figure something out. This vibrant red viscose crepe was calling my name. And at $3/m I knew the price made up for the lack of plaidiness. 

I feel like CHISTMAS in this outfit!

Oh yeah, that plaid jacket I purchased at Target for $5. I needed to wear SOMETHING plaid. And this outfit makes me feel like Christmas.

A short while ago I found Lekala Patterns online. I thought the concept was pretty great; you provide all your measurements (even the length between nipple points!) and they give send you the PDF pattern in to your specifications. 

Lekala is Ideal for somebody who:
          • Doesn't know how to fit well (Me) 
          • A beginner seamstress
          • Someone looking for a quick make!

This pattern is #4168 and is a princess seam dress. I turned the form-fitting skirt into an A-Line by simply drawing a straight line from the pattern hip marker 2 inch out to the side of each pattern piece.

I'll openly admit that I adore Lekala now. This dress fits unbelievably perfect. Not one single adjustment was required. Not one. Think about that! I literally cut my fabric, sewed at 3/8 inch put it on and voila - PERFECT. No bust adjustment, no length adjustment, no gaping at the front or back neck, nothing.

See even Scotia thinks that a perfect fitting dress sans adjustments is ridiculous. Like WHATTTTT?

I wanted to start out simple. Princess seams are my favourite style and I always lean towards simple. All the dresses I've made to date have had waist seams, this is my first dress without a waist seam. I won't lie, I was worried that I would have all sorts of wrinkles and fabric piling around my middle section. Not flattering. But because of the way Lekala works, by providing all your measurements, the patterns adjust to your body length and fits beautiful.

Perfect shaped princess seams for me.

A pattern that I DON'T have to adjust for narrow shoulders? How much easier is that? Perfect fitting sleeves for for my arm? Yay. Honestly - go buy Lekala. It is SO worth it.

Ps. The snow was so deep but so much fun to play in! Way too cold outside to take coat off for a dress photo.


Pattern: Lekala 4168
Fabric: Viscose Crepe
Price: $3/m 1.5m used
Adjustments: Absolutely NONE

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