23 January 2014

Review: Manequim Magazine November 2013

This issue isn't my favourite Mannequim, but it does have some really nice patterns. I will officially admit that Manequim is my favourite pattern magazine now. They provide such cute patterns - patterns exactly like the clothes I'd want to buy in store! Many other magazines have the same standard patterns, but this magazine goes above and provides interesting patterns that are fashion forward. I LOVE that. Would I personally wear every pattern? Nope. But that doesn't mean I don't fully appreciate the pattern creativity!

This issue has a few great staples in it and a couple stunning jumpsuits. If I wear tall and lean, I would SO wear jumpsuits! But since my proportions are exactly the opposite to that, I will continue to admire all the tall people who wear jumpsuits and look stunning! I might just make the top half to the first pattern #451 because the back detailing is just too spectacular. 

Pattern Size Distribution

Size 36 = 3 | Size 38 = 7 | Size 40 = 11 | Size 42 = 13 | Size 44 = 10
Size 46 = 2 | Size 48 = 2 | Size 50 = 1 | Size 52 = 1

Favourite Pattern: #485
The shaping of the bodice is beautiful and I would love to colour block the centre piece with a patterned fabric constrasting a solid one! Some chiffon as the ruffles! Oh so many ideas in my mind!

So what do you think? Do you like any of the patterns in this issue?

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