27 January 2014

White Sweater Lola - Victory Patterns

Some of the first patterns I purchased were from Victory Patterns. I loved the easy style of the patterns but with the incredible opportunity to be made out of sweater material. I LOVE sweater material and being warm. And in Canada that is ALWAYS required. I purchased Lola, Chloe, and Hazel. 

I tried to make the Hazel. It was one of my first patterns, It turned out TERRIBLY and is about 3 sizes too big. This was before I realized that I should read the finished garment measurements too. Ooops. But after this mishap I put down Victory Patterns because they had discouraged me. 

Cold and Grey is all I've seen all week. It is FREEZING outside and my mood has turned similar. I wanted something that would make me happy and warm. This fabric is a cream sweater fabric that I purchased in July in Toronto. Sweater material in July is a great bargain as it was on sale, BUT, it is fairly useless with the summer heat. So it sat in remained in my fabric storage box taking up half the box. Sweater fabric is BULKY. More so when it comes in a tube. No start and no end.

I cut a size 12 for the top and a 16 for the hips. It turned out more A-line than I wanted originally but is difficult to adjust because of the pockets and omitting the hem band didn't help. It sewed up very quickly on my serger. It was my first time sewing a raglan sleeved item. I was very worried it wouldn't fit and I couldn't test it prior to sewing the top completely. It fit perfectly the first time which I appreciate since nobody likes to bust out the seam ripper for serged edges. I love the raglan sleeve now. I'm browsing all of my pattern magazines looking for more raglan sleeves!

The very obvious alteration I made was to add a large collar instead of a simple neck band. I didn't like where the neck band would sit on me, the basic circle neck isn't really for me. Combining my love of warmth and turtle necks, I added the thick collar. I simply cut a piece of fabric the same length as the collar (next time I'll cut it 1/2 inch smaller than the neck length) and cut the height 12 inches. I followed the same collar instructions as from the Renfrew but using one piece of fabric instead of two.

I love the collar. It is my favourite part of this whole dress now. I can wear it either up to keep me warm or fold it down so I can eat! Very important. Although the cream colour doesn't bode well for stain-free longevity. 

Now, the pockest. GOSH I love these pockets. Although they are gigantic and definitely add width to my hips, I don't even care - they are SO wonderful.

The bottom hem was serged then folded and stitched. I think this added to the slight wavy appearance of the hem. It is more prominent after wear, but when I steam it it appears straighter. Also, I have decided that I will always cut my hemlines with a slight 1 inch high-low to help compensate for my rear end. It makes this dress appear like the hemline is actually straight. But the extra inch in the back really does make me feel more comfortable and that the back of my dress is not SHORTER, which I often feel like it is.
Look at how fast I am mommy!


Size: 12 for top 16 for bottom
Fabric: Cotton sweater
Cost: $6/metre and 2 metres used
  • Added a collar
  • Omitted sleeve and hem bands - Turn and Stitched instead
  • Shortened the pattern by 3 inches in the front and 2 inches in the back. Slight High/Low to compensate for my rear end which looks like an even hem from the side.


  1. You have made me want to try this pattern! Looks so warm and cozy, but sleek and stylish at the same time. Nice job!

    1. Thank You! I have been wearing it all weekend and don't want to take it off! It really is a wonderful pattern! It would be an amazing item to colour block too.

  2. I have this pattern next in line! Thank you for your review. I really like your Renfrew cowl collar idea. I think that is an idea I will use. Winter white looks terrific. Thanks again! The never ending winter needs cosy dresses. Greetings from Toronto.

    1. Thank you! Yes this winter is getting ridiculous. But my love of sweaters and cozy materials will never be diminished so I kind of like the cold. Only so I can bundle up nice and warm!

  3. Hey! great Lola! And Canada? Toronto? Where are you? I'm in Guelph - and if you haven't already heard, we've got a Toronto Sewcialists group on Facebook where we plan meetups and swaps every few months! :) https://www.facebook.com/groups/194887417342225/

    1. I'm in Thunder Bay sadly otherwise I would LOVE that. Sewing isn't huge here and we only have 1 fabric store: fabricland. My choices are limited. I totally wish there was a larger local community I would meet up with! But If I'm ever in Toronto I'll try to plan it around your sewcialist group! Thank you for telling me.

    2. Ooh, Thunder Bay! That IS a ways away! DO let us know if you are ever down south though... ;) There's also a FB for Sewcialists in Guelph/KW, called the Grand River Sewcialists. I blog at http://crafting-a-rainbow.tumblr.com/ , btw!