13 January 2014

My Favourite Babydoll

This is one of my first makes from way from in September 2013 but I never blogged about it because from the instant it was complete it became my absolute favourite dress. It is made of a heavy cotton with some stretch, is a casual dress, and is utterly comfortable. I didn't have time to blog about it as I wear it so often. I wear this while making NEW clothes. 

The pattern fit really well, except the design had a straight side seam and I wanted a little more definition on the sides just below the bust to help even out the billowy front and back. I took off about an inch on both sides from bust to waist by sewing a curve in. It worked well and the fit is more comfortable and holds the gathers below my bustline preventing them from creeping up. I should have added a little more depth to the bust to help the gathers stay under my bust line, but this was made before I knew to always measure my patterns first. 

The bottom hem of the dress is short but not too short for me. I have no height so don't need any length. I made it slightly shorter than I would usually wear my dresses but that was to emphasize the babydoll effect and reduce the matronly look this dress could easily go to.

This was my first button placket and the first time using my buttonhole feature on my new machine. It took me awhile to adjust the left and right side stitch proportions but once I got it just right I was so pleased. WHAT a time saver that feature is. My original machine didn't have that so I shied away from button holes because my only option was a short zigzag stitch which took FOREVER and never ended up that straight. Sewing in a straight line is hard friends. 

But my BUTTONS are adorable to me. They are opaque white bulbs. Simple yet pretty. I've always been partial to shank buttons over sew-through buttons. I just like the prominence and solidity they bring to a garment. No threads showing. Just a personal preference.

And just a last remnant of Christmas with a bauble shot for you. :)

Size: 42
Fabric: Stretch Cotton from the Thrift Store (yardage)
Cost: About $1 (bought 4 Yards for $2.50) and $0.50 for the buttons (4 Packs for $1)
  • Took out 1 inch from each side seam at the waist to add more definition and reduce bagginess
  • Shortened pattern by about 6 inches (I don't have ANY of that Scandinavian Height)
  • Added Bias binding to the Sleeve band instead of Elastic
**Ignore the funky colouring of the photos, the lighting was terrible so I lightroom'd the shit out of them! :D

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