27 November 2013

Review: My Image Fall/Winter 2011

The cover says 16 Reasons to be trendy. I would only partially agree. I never expect to like every pattern in a magazine but I'm always hoping that half of them are to my liking. That is how I determine the magazines worth to me. 
I don't like to use the word trendy unless I'm referring to colour. So lets take a looksie at the patterns shall we and YOU decide if you think these patterns are trendy or not.

The jacket is a basic princess seam with nothing too special. I probably wouldn't make it as there are no special details on it. Skirt M1151 with the gather is very nice. I would wear that with dark tights in a nice tight material. Add a little bow at the bottom and I love it. The ruffle skirt just isn't my style so I'd skip that. But the final jacket M1164A (hip length) is incredible. I love the breast placket and buttons. Very lovely detail although I'd love if it had a hood! 

So 2/4 patterns are make-able to me. 

I'm going to summarize my thoughts on these patterns - NOPE. Not to be harsh but these patterns are just not me. Those drop crotch pants - Seriously? I HATE that style and don't think it flatters anybody. Just a giant droopy butt. But thats just me. A basic scoop neck shirt, not for me. And although I love the longer version of the jacket, this crop one just would never be worn within my wardrobe.

0/4 Are make-able by my whims! NEXT!

The skirt with its ruffle is a definite make for me. I like the length, and I like the double-sided ruffle a la picture 1 and picture 3 (pattern one side/black the other). Both jackets I'd skip on. Although the patterns are decent, they aren't special enough for me to make.

1/3 Patterns are Make-able to me. Hmmm this magazine isn't GREAT thus far.

All three of these items are hits for me. Dress M1155 is my favourite. Although I don't like wrap dresses, I like this faux wrap dress with the cross bodice. The dress and jacket are quick easy makes, simple princess seam dress and an easy Christmas wrap.

Good photo - 3/3 patterns I would make. 

This dress is by far my favourite. I love the front ruching a lot and the 4th picture has lace around the bodice which I think is a great touch. The jacket is the full length version of the first jacket I said I liked, but I dislike this long version of it. It is funny how particular I am about length, but I know what I like and don't like. To each their own right?

1/2 patterns I would make. Pretty good odds.
Although I like the pleat in the front, the cusping of the boob just isn't to my fancy. The upward swoop of the bodice connecting to the V-neck I feel would make the ladies look smaller. I just probably wouldn't make this with the other choices available.

0/1 I would make.

And last but not least; my favourite pattern in the magazine. This encompasses many features I find appealing: small cowl neck (I love turtle necks - dorky right?), the colour blocking potential, the seam at the waistline, pleating, and a tighter bottom hem. I have many dresses similar to this in my wardrobe already and having the option to sew my own is really exciting! 

1/1 I would. This will be the first pattern I make from this issue!

As a side note; With so many options for each design I really wish they would make one or two of them out of solid colour fabric to help showcase the details that are obscured in busy prints. If you only had one photo I understand having a print, but with four colour/pattern options, give me a solid. That would be appreciated.

So in total I would make 8/16 patterns in this magazine. So that is 50% of the patterns that I like. The only problem is, only 2 of them have me tracing out the pattern and picking out fabrics. 

But lets hear your opinions; which patterns would you make? And do you consider these patterns trendy?

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