18 November 2013

Grey Wool Circle Skirt

I have always loved the cold weather. I love to bundle up, wear fleece tights and wool accessories to keep warm. So when I found this luxurious 100% grey wool coating for the incredible price of $5/metre I knew it had to be mine. The thickness of it, the soft, furry touch of it, and its colour. It was all perfect material in my eyes.

Since I do love the cold weather, I wanted to make this wool coating into day wear instead of outter wear. Was it possible? It has great drape for a heavy wool coating, but I knew it probably wouldn't take darts without adding substantial bulk and gathers would NOT be happening in this without added 50 lbs to my waist line. And forget that right? So I opted for a simple circle skirt with waist band.

This circle skirt has no side seam. I cut it all as one piece. I love the thought of an endless piece of material. AND no seam means no bulk. That works for me!

I added a metal zipper because I prefer the look of them. I wanted to make it a full exposed zipper but realized that I am still terrible at adding zippers so I ended up with a slashed opening basic zipper insertion. Easy for me. It does cover my metal zipper a bunch, whereas I wanted it full exposed, I am just happy that it turned out as not a hot mess.

There is a small sprinkling of snow of the ground and taking these pictures sans fleece tights wasn't my brightest idea. It was cooooooooooold. And we all know that a circle skirt loves to keep it breezy. And Breezy it was. You can't see it but I have many many goosebumps.Maybe the staunch white colour of my legs is testament to the last time these gams saw the sunlight eh?

Here's to a beautiful winter of fleece tights and wool garments!

Fabric: 100% Wool Coating
Cost: 5$/metre - 0.75m Used
Pattern: Self drafted Circle Skirt with waist band

ps. I still have 2 metres of this wool fabric. I'm thinking a beautiful dress next!

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  1. Where did you buy this fabric? I'm amazed you found 100% wool fabric for $5 a meter!