08 November 2013

It's a Snoody Day in the Neighbourhood

While I was in Melbourne, Australia I found that the city has this incredible artistic vibrancy about it. The city pulsates with culture and stimulates all those who enter it. I wanted to be a part the drama, a part of the colour. I scoured the independent designer shops, the thrift stores, and found fabrics galore. But another part of the city I wanted to be involved in was learning a new craft. I immediately signed up for a knitting course.

Every year I beg my grandmother to knit me another pair of mittens. I love knitted mittens. Line them with fur and they are perfect for Canadian winters. The colour options, the yarn texture, the designs. Knitting has always been so beautiful to me. I always knew I should learn but never considered taking a course on it. I'm so glad I did. It was casual and fun. There was tea and laughter involved. It was splendid. I felt like I was gaining so much from Melbourne. Melbourne was sharing its passion for the arts with me. 

But, I arrived back in Canada in a midst summer time. Hot and sweaty and wonderful. Knitting was the last thought on my mind. But as my new skill got set aside temporarily, I knew I would pick it up again. I knew I would hone my skills. I simply had to wait. It is Canada after all. And one of the Great White North's guarantees are the rapid temperature drops. And just like that October rolled around and hello Winter. 

I needed to pick up my needles and start knitting. It was brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr cold out. And knit I did.

Thanks to By Hand London's post I had two beautiful snood patterns to choose from. I wanted them both. And I wanted them NOW. And that is what I did. I bought circular needles and super chunky Peruvian wool. I turned on the kettle and pulled out my favourite mug. I was about to spend my night inside cozied in my fur blanket, knitting away. Bliss.

And these are my results:

The Moss Stitch Snood

Bernat Roving in Plum (00071) (80% Acrylic 20% Wool)

The Basket Weave Snood

SMC Tweed Montage in Grand Canyon (509) (56% New Wool/40% Acrylic/4% Viscose)

Started: The English Rib (with a twist)!

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