06 November 2013

Review: My Image S/S 2011 Pattern Magazine


As I browse the internets for pattern fun I came across this magazine by MyImage. They had a sale on that for 16 Euros I could have three of the older issues: Spring/Summer 2011, Autumn/Winter 2011, and Autumn/Winter 2012.

I'll post the reviews in chronological order. Each magazine comes with 16 patterns. And they showcase each item multiple times in different fabrics and on different models which is actually a great way to show the patterns diversity. Oft times I am put off by patterns by the fabric choice of the sample garment and it takes me a few seconds to  look at the technical drawing to really get a feel for the item. Also, depending on the magazine, the item in question is photographed so badly that the details of the pattern are completely obscured by the models position. So MyImage has done well in showing multiple samples. It is appreciated.

I've cropped many of the patterns together to showcase the different styles on the dress in the same photo below instead of seeing the dress repeated 3 or 4 times in different photos. If that makes sense. You'll see. I've included the technical drawing as well.

I find the patterns to be simple and only a few of the appeal to me. The patterns feel a little dated at times, but they still provide some great basics. Lets see them in as much order as I could muster:

I would make the Blouse M1102 as the front buttons and high waist are nice But the other three items I wouldn't make. Not because they are bad but because I don't make pants yet and the jacket isn't anything special.
I have two versions of M1104 so I would definitely make this blouse. I love ruffles. There are never enough boob ruffles. But the skirt isn't my style.
The tunic is simple but nothing special and again I don't make pants.
Now this dress is simple but cute with its cute-out at the neckline. I like the yoke band and I think the 4th design with the stripes is my favourite look.
4 patterns and only one is of any interest to me: M1114 the Skirt. It has very nice style lines on it and would be fun to colour block with. The other three just aren't my style; a baggy shirt, and a midget jacket. 

Now this dress I really like. Although you can't see the ruching detail much with the fabric choices, I still like the idea of ruching along the front of the dress. Would help greatly to hide all things I want hidden! skip the cardigan.
Now, I've looked at this dress over and over and each time I look I can't decide if I hate it or think it is super cute. It has the potential to be cute, so I like that, it reminds me of a childs jumper, which I like, so if I play up that aspect, maybe some giant buttons, would help me lean more towards the cute side. 
Another lovely dress with ruching and a very nice angled neckline. I would probably even out the front hemline so it doesn't appear that the ruching has gathered the dress up, but that is just my preference. Otherwise it is a quick make.
And lastly we have a simple maxi dress. If we cut the dress just below the knee it would be a basic dress I'd probably get a lot of wear out of in the summer time in a lovely floral pattern. But with the maxi length I wouldn't wear it as they emphasize the fact that I am short and add undesirable width to me. They become very moo-moo-ish no matter now straight up the skirt is. So shorten the hem for the short me.

Overall the magazine isn't bad but I would only make 6 or 7 of the 16 patterns. But only 2 of them are patterns I want to immediately trace and make. Hmmm, not my favourite magazine for certain.

How do you feel about these patterns? Anything an immediate make for you? Or are all of them mediocre?

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