16 June 2015

Let There Be Ships! New Look 6067

One day while browsing on Fabric.com I fell in love with a sweet little fabric covered in ships. The background was white and the tiny boats were blue, the stretch factor was just right, and a click click click later for $7/yd I owned three yards of it.

The bodice is the beautiful New Look 6067. with three bust pleats up the centre front. 

I must say - New Look patterns are wonderful - they all fit perfectly out of the package - which clearly I'm a big fan of - and many of the patterns have very cute bodices.

The fabric is a cotton poplin - slightly see through so I lined the entire dress with another plain white cotton poplin. 

Since I didn't really like the skirt pattern too much as pencil skirts aren't really my cup of tea, I swapped it out for my preferred skirt pattern from Sewaholic's belladone skirt and using three box pleats instead of two knife pleats. 

Nothing like a little breeze to emphasize your derriere....thanks wind.

Pockets. I LOVE pockets. The Belladone pockets are perfect too. Nice and deep - aint nothing falling out of these babies when I sit down!

I worked hard to line the rows of boats up across the bodice front. They are straight across the front which is great but I should have worked harder so the print matched down the centre seam - I kind of shrunk the boats in half.

Gathered sleeves add a nice shape in poplin fabric. I also fully lined the bodice and sleeves so I have a nice clean finish.

My handsome boyfriend took all these photos for me while we were in New York City. These are from the Coney Island Aquarium - we rode the subway for 45 minutes one way just to say we tried a Coney Island Hotdog (it was a let down but hey my pretzel was amazing!

Pattern: New Look 6067 + Sewaholic's Belladone Skirt
Size: 8
Fabric: Cotton Poplin
Alterations: Added darts to the back neckline to reduce gaping.


  1. The shrunken boats look like teeny music notes, at least from here. Cute!

  2. Very cute! This might inspire me to try another New Look pattern after I just got done swearing them off - the two I've tried this month had some serious fitting issues in the back (like needing to take in the center back multiple inches!).