05 March 2014

Project Sew L.A.

At the end of March I am flying to Los Angeles to visit my brother and to celebrate my Champagne birthday! I'm turning 25 on the 25th! Big quarter century!

In lieu of this, I decided that I should commence Project Sew L.A. where I sew three garments in the next three weeks for me to sport while I am in The City of Angels. Since Canada is still suffering the frigid cold, and L.A. is shining bright, I needed some summery sewing to get me through the next three weeks until I can be with that sun myself!

So here is what's on the docket for the coming weeks:

A little bit of pink and flowy. For all my casual beach wandering I'll be doing

A touch of green with flowers for some bright fun times. Walking the streets of LA, tied in the front, flowy in the back.

And for my champagne birthday I shall wear this black and silver crop top dress. It is from designers Talbot Runof. Since I don't do floor length gowns, I'll make it short and cupcake like. Yay. I'll just have to make sure the crop top is short enough to showcase the cinched waist so I don't look huge.

These are the plans for Sew LA. I'll let you know how they all go.

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  1. Those are some lovely plans! Just letting you know you won my giveaway of crystal stitch markers :) If you email me your postal details (daniellekrivan@gmail.com) I'll get them into the post and on their way to you asap.