09 February 2014

Review: Burda Plus January 2014

Russian Cover, English to come....later
And the first issue of Burda Plus in 2014 is out! Yay. I sit firmly at the top of the Burda style sizing and at the bottom of the Burda Plus. It depends on what I'm making. And what material I'm using. BUT, I love having more magazines and patterns to look at and have at my disposal. And this magazine has some very gorgeous patterns in it!

Within are 4 theme sets, two of which are simply reproductions from previous issues. But, once again, as I am new to sewing, I don't mind these reproductions because I don't own the previous issues.

My favourite aspect of this issue, although many patterns are exactly the same, the slight variations; sleeves, length, colour blocking; help you visualize how you can make such alterations for a whole new dress with patterns that you already own. It is like a visual lesson in frankenpattern-ing. Phew that's a long made-up word!

So lets take a look at some of the patterns:

Typically I don't like jackets, but this jacket is simply stunning. I could see making it in a heavy sweater material or a ponte for extreme comfort. And really, BOTH the yellow and the colour blocked version are incredible. I want them BOTh. Such a great pattern. The pants and top though I probably won't make.

Three different versions of the same dress. The only variations between the technical drawing for all three is that some have shading while others done. And two have princess seams to the hemline. (I should have used the other line drawing as its more accurate - oh well). A very nice dress and minus the added skirt on the first dress, a great dress to colour block and use up some of those scraps you have from previous patterns. I have a fair few of those and I'm thinking they'll end up as this dress.

Both of these dresses are beautiful. I don't often think so many Burda patterns are wearable from the same magazine, but there's something comfortable about all the designs. The yellow is a great staple pattern that could work for so many designs. Also, the raglan sleeves connecting in to a yoke in the back is very beautiful. I would love to colour block this dress! And that princess seamed dress with peek-a-boo skirt panels at the bottom add such drama and movement to the dress! I would t use the colours they did, but the pattern is wonderful and I look forward to making it!
This is a lovely side dart bodice dress. Simple and elegant. I'm thinking a simple linen version for summer would be splendid. 

A similar jacket style to the dress above. I like the drama the the circular flounce sleeves create in the photo but I would despise wearing them in real life. Too much drama for my lifestyle. 

This drop waist dress is very on trend. With the recent release of Republic du Chiffon's Viviane dress and Pauline Alice's Malvarosa, this pattern fits right in. But what I do love is that this drop waist dress has a back yoke and button down. I think the length on the model is frumpy, but take it up an inch or two and you have an adorable dress. Or alternatively you can make a sack version like #432.

Three takes on the same shirt: neck tie, collar, collar dress. How simple changes can make an entirely new dress. 

Totally average pencil skirt anybody?

There are a few patterns not included here. But I didn't like them enough to even say blah about them. 

Overall feelings about this Burda plus magazine? Great job Burda! You did a great thing providing non-bag plus sized patterns! Now to get my hands on the only copy that gets shipped to my small city!

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