10 February 2014

That Stripey Jersey Shirt

Look Closely  and you'll see soldiers in the Blue stripe on the Right!
I am in the middle of about 5 projects right now. But I was tired of the fiddly work that they involved. I needed instant sewing gratification. This jersey top looked like JUST what I needed.

Basically I bought this blue and white stripe jersey last summer. My intention was to make my mother a nice jersey dress. But I tried to make her a dress before I had a serger and before I knew how to properly fit anything. So I made the bodice and it was too large, the edges all curled, and frankly, I hated it. So I put it in the bin and moved on. And, I'm a selfish sewer so now the jersey is MINE alllllll MINE.

This is the cover pattern for the January 2014 issue of Burda. They used a tiny stripe and I figured, no big deal, I'll use a gigantic stripe. Now, overall I like it. BUT, It would have worked out substantially better with a smaller stripe. Their original design worked out better in the end. These gigantic stripes angle funky and at times make me look super pregnant. But I promise it is just the angle of the stripe. I'll get over it though, It is so incredible comfortable.

I managed to sew this shirt up in under 2 hours. I love speedy serging. I used knit stay tape along the shoulder seams and clear elastic to stabilize the gathers on both the shoulder and the side. A blue strip for the collar. I didn't do great at matching my stripes. Only on the sleeves and on one shoulder do my stripes match up. Along both sides of my shirt the stripes are fully opposite. My bad.

This shirt is crazy long. I can actually wear it as a dress if I so choose. I do have a short torso so many shirts are longer on me, but this one is really long, almost to my knees long. I keep it bunched up along the ruched side, but that doesn't make much of a difference, it still covers my butt up.


Pattern: #122 Burda January 2014
Size: 42
Fabric: Polyester Jersey
Alterations: None

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