01 April 2014

Los Angeles Fabric Haul

Where's Chrystal?
I was excited for the Los Angeles Fabric District. I read many articles about what stores to visit and the etiquette (or lack there of) in buying fabric in the district. 

The most important points before you go shopping to me are:
  • Bring cash, smaller bills required. No where but Michael Levine's takes Credit Cards
  • Carry a backpack or suitcase to carry all your fabric in - it gets heavy really fast
  • Be prepared to haggle over prices. It is expected that you counter their offer.
  • Don't wear bulky clothing or anything that restricts your movements - you'll be navigating through tiny shops with many bolts sticking out at off angles and it can get really hot.
The fab

Now lets check out my haul shall we?
So. Much. Knit!

Floral Knits:

Rayon sweatshirt knit
Rayon Knit
Tissue Rayon Knit

Tribal Knits:

Rayon Knit

Double Knit
Sweatshirt Knit
Sweatshirt Knit
Tissue Knit
Rayon Jersey
Polyester Jersey

Stripe Knits:

Cotton t-shirt material
Acrylic Sweatshirt Knit
Cotton Jersey



Silks (Mood Fabrics):

TL: Silk Charmeuse TR: Silk Jersey BL: Silk Charmeuse BR: Silk Crepe

Not shown: Green Double Knit, Green Wool

Phew. I'm so in awe of my fabric haul!!!

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