30 May 2016

Me Made May 16: Day 22-28

Last week to party....erm...I mean of Me Made May....nah - who am I kidding - Wearing Me Mades every day and taking instagram photos of it is my kind of party! Don't judge! Party it up Sewing Friends!

Although I challenged myself to also make 2 new hand mades this month...It COULD count that I made two dresses for my Nieces....BUT to be fair I tried to make 3 items this month and they all turned out to be hard fails.....Super sad face.....All are my own fault. I made a New Look pattern out of a nice silk I own and didn't read the Ease section printed on the pattern pieces....So I ended up with a dress with 6" of extra ease....aka a Gigantic baggy sac of a dress. I'll have to determine how best to salvage the dress as the silk is amazing.

Next I created a new Kielo Wrap dress by named Patterns....out of Green Stretch Velvet....and it fits....But the thickness of the green velvet is NOT flattering....So I'm thinking of replacing the velvet ties with some matching silk for the sashes to help reduce bulk.....But has anybody else ever tried to match Greens? What a nightmare....as if finding matching thread isn't bad enough....actual matching fabric is so much worse....

Lastly - I WAS stuck on the new Hannah Dress by Victory patterns as I sewed my placket on backwards and made it half way through before realizing it was really difficult to read instructions backwards in a sense...flipping all lefts and rights...>So that is put on the back brain burner for me to stew over for a bit (otherwise it's going great)....BUT I FINISHED IT ON FRIDAY!!!

Welp! On to this weeks Me-Mades!:

Day 22

Day 23

Day 24
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Day 25
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Day 26

Day 27

Day 28

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