11 October 2013

Book Review: Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing

Look what I bought! I've followed Gertie's blog for awhile and love everything she creates! Although I'm not one for vintage patterns and styles myself to the full extent I do really appreciate hints and details that pay homage to another fashion age. So Gertie's book was something I was thrilled to get my hands on.

First off, I bought it to help myself learn more sewing tricks. I'm a newbie seamstress and many sewing skills are beyond my capacity at this point. I was Hoping to improve my skill set through the use of Gertie's book. 

And did I ever improve. Gertie's has made sewing drastically easier for me. Many of the things I struggle with previously have been clearly explained and illustrated for a beginner. It was easy to follow along, even when I had to read an instruction over 3 times to comprehend, I knew it was my lack of basic understanding that was the hindrance not the explanations themselves. Now I read back through and laugh at what I was stumped over previously. Horrah for learning. 

Why love Gertie's book?

The vintage drawn photos 

The truth about vintage

Start to Finish sewing by chapters

The skill set illustrations

The Patterns

And Gertie modelling each design herself!

Simply put: I adore this book and I would highly recommend it to any beginner seamstress or any advanced seamstress who wants some amazing paper patterns! 

Great job Gertie! Thank you for being and inspiration!

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