16 October 2013

What I'm up to: Tracing patterns

I realized that I kind of like tracing patterns. Strange? Perhaps. But it just gets me so excited for my upcoming projects.

I also tend to binge. So I binge trace. I trace every pattern that I want out of my magazine in one swoop so that I can get right into the sewing without having to trace a pattern first. 

Fabricland sells this great rayon/poly tracing paper and it costs $1.50/m so I generally grab a small tube of it and take the whole roll. It sticks really well to fabric while I'm cutting them out! I mostly just keep it rolled up so it's easy to store and  not folding all my tracing pattern prior to having a pattern cut on it. But that's just me.

I'm currently working on tracing all the patterns from La Mia Boutique May 2013. I have 6 patterns more I want (I've already traced and sewn one).

Slow and steady (til the next magazine arrives at least!)

1 comment:

  1. You should come and help me trace! LOL!!!

    It's only a few hundred miles... :)