18 October 2013

Review: Ottobre Design A/W 2011

When I ordered my last OTTOBRE Design magazine I ordered it in a bundle of 3. This is my second magazine review for you.

This magazine is my favourite. There are three pattern categories in the Autumn/Winter 2011: Fresh Autumn Breeze, Dress Up for a Special Occasion, and Lazy Weekend.

The Dress Up Category has an amazing base dress with multiple modifications to make 5 different dresses. Now that is my type of pattern!

Patterns I Love

Little black dress anybody? Great for work and then look at that bow? Who can't love that?

Both are these are dresses that I love too. The bottoms are great on the second view and the first view has a nice neck line that would work really pretty in a border pattern fabric.

Cutest Coat EVER? Look at that bubble hem with those leggings! This is my favourite style right here. Perfect styling and thus perfect patterns for me. I think I'll make this in a beautiful olive green wool! Yummy! I also really like the large pocketed dress.

Another lovely jacket? Yes indeed. I love the wide A-live shape, the giant pockets, and the hood. I appreciate a good hood in a coat.

This coat is cute. Great fabric choice and those toggles are fancy. Perfect for the Canadian winters I suffer through! The other three patterns; shirt, pants, and jacket, are bleh. I just don't really like lounge wear clothing.

Patterns I Don't Like As Much

So there is nothing wrong with this pajama set. There just isn't anything special with them. At least not to me. Meh.

Again, this set isn't unfortunate. It just isn't great. But again, it is because I don't like wrap shirts or dresses. Everybody says its universally flattering, I say it makes my chest look smaller and my waist look wider - not what I like in my clothing. The pants are nice though. The sweater is just generic.

And finally we have the plain-jane clothing. The tshirt makes her look so junior, although I am sure the pattern is fine; a nice basic. The shorts don't look like they are supposed to be high-waisted so instead they just look like they would emphasize my tummy. Nobody needs to see that.

So Overall this magazine is my favourite. All those dress modifications are beautiful and the two coats are ADORABLE.  

What are your favourite patterns out of this OTTOBRE Design magazine?

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