02 October 2013

Review: Ottobre Design A/W 2009

While I was browsing the internets for patterns I came across OTTOBRE Design Pattern magazine. It is designed and printed in Finland by Studio Tuumat Oy.

They have a monthly children's pattern magazine but the woman's magazine only comes out bi-annually. I don't mind this twice a year because the majority of the patterns are winners. Also, a great aspect of the magazine is that they use normal people to showcase their clothing. Normal people with normal proportions. So you can see the patterns on all statues - short, tall, slim, and wide.

The magazine includes the patterns and written instructions. It does not include a cutting layout or illustrations. The patterns are 8.5 Euros each.

So lets see these patterns!

The Patterns I Love:

Not only do I love this pleated bubble skirt but I LOVE the colour of the fabric! It just screams Christmas cheer to me! I also really like the simple black tank (including the fabric choice) and the jacket is a definite win. Look at that adorable back pleat detail!

I'm a fan of casual knit dresses. I also prefer patterns that have sleeves included. They always work better than trying to set in my own sleeves. The jacket is a simple A-line that would be a quick make. I probably wouldn't make the pants  or the scarf though.

Underwear? LOVE IT. Look at those hot shorts! Those are high on my to make list. I wish I had a serger! That would make life quick and easy! The tank top is cute with the ruching but it isn't something I'd likely make.

Now, I really like the styling on these photos. I like the brown tones and the cute wooly hat. The Jacket, shirt, and tshirt are all simple items. Everybody loves a quick sew. I might make the pants, I like the crop wide leg on them.

Now, this pattern set is a love/hate. I love the skirt and I like that it is done in a plaid. Lots of thick pleats. I could make a schoolgirl kilt for myself! The t-shirt is nice is you hack off those sleeves. I like the neck detail. The jacket is something I would never make, the wavey bottom hem looks sloppy not like a design feature.

Patterns I am Not a Fan of:

It isn't a bad pattern, it is just something I'd never wear. A simple sheath dress with pockets would just make me look pregnant (NEVER DESIRABLE), and the sweater/jacket is too long and too short all at the same time. They include a basic button-up which would be nice though.

Let me start by saying there is nothing wrong with this tracksuit jacket. I just would never sew it. I prefer to purchase my sportswear because I can never find appropriate material for it. And the pants aren't anything special.

Again, not a bad pattern, I just don't wear wrap dresses. And again with those sleeves, they just look so outdated to me. 

So what do YOU make of this OTTOBRE Magazine? Would you purchase it?

Watch for another two OTTOBRE Design magazine reviews from me in the next weeks.


  1. Oh I love the patterns featured here! I've seen some reviews from Octobre on patternreview, but I didn;t know it was a magazine. Did you get a subscription or does a local retailer sell it?

    1. Ottobre is a really nice magazine! They have a great range of sizes to accommodate more people. I actually ordered mine as single issues from their website ottobredesign dot com. One of my issues got lost in the mail and I emailed them wondering what had happened and they were so incredible and sent another addition and kept checking with me until I received it! It only took about 2 weeks for them to arrive direct from Finland.